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Yoga Healing Your Sprained Ligaments

Yoga Healing Your Sprained Ligaments

Yoga with any injury, especially in your feet, ankle, or knee can be tricky. However, you don’t need to give up on unrolling that mat for a few weeks. A sprain needs a few days to heal up, so make do with mostly seated or reclined poses in the meant time.

But before you start your sessions, make sure to meet with your doctor so you can have your injury checked. This is to make sure that your injury is minor and won’t need further treatment.

If your doctor finds that your sprain is a lot worse than it looks, he may recommend seeking a reputable therapist in Florida.

Physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida also use yoga to help treat a patient’s mobility and joint problems, so if this is your forte, you’re in luck. The poses used serve in restoring flexibility and improving the range of motion.

Unsure of how you’ll handle yoga while you recover from your injury? Don’t worry. The Flagler Institute has your back. If your doctor allows it, give our physical therapy sessions a try. We’ll help you heal without compromising your physical fitness. Dial 561-833-1747 to set an appointment.

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