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Tips to Improve Your Pelvic Health

Tips to Improve Your Pelvic Health

The pelvic floor supports the body’s reproductive parts, the bladder, rectum, and colon. Some people do not realize the essence of good pelvic health for these organs to function properly.

When the pelvic floor becomes too tight or loose, multiple health problems start to arise. For instance, tightness in the pelvis may lead to difficulties in bowel movement, pain during sex, constipation, and more. In the same manner, a loose pelvis may result in involuntary bowel or urinary leakage.

Hence, The Flagler Institute shares these tips to help you improve your pelvic health.

  • Kegel exercises
    This technique involves relaxing and contracting the pelvic muscles repeatedly to strengthen the pelvic floor. If you cannot locate your pelvis, talk to our therapist in Florida for guidance.
  • Mental health
    According to Stanford Health Care, mental exercises may improve your pelvic functions. To get you started, you can try relaxation exercises, yoga, or meditation.
  • Dietary changes
    Drink more fluids and eat fiber-rich foods. Also, reduce the intake of sweetened products, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • A healthy lifestyle
    Lead a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight. If you have a hard time quitting smoking, get professional intervention for a guided treatment. Also, avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities as they strain your pelvic floor.
  • Good bowel habits
    Try to avoid pushed, strained, or prolonged bowel movements (urinating or toileting). To relax your pelvic muscles, get a warm shower every day.

Another tip: Be consistent with your routines.

For well-guided pelvic exercises and dietary recommendations, seek help from our physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Call us!

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