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Therapeutic Massage for Pain Management

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Management

The Flagler Institute provides physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida. From helping patients function better to supporting them in gaining more confidence, we aim to help address the pain and discomfort that they feel.

As your therapist in Florida, we provide different options for your health concerns. While there are many causes for pain such as cancer or old age, there are also different ways to address it.

There are simple and non-invasive pain management treatments for patients to opt for. One of these methods is therapeutic massage.

Previously considered for its relaxing benefits, massage is now recognized as a legitimate therapy for certain painful situations. The pain is relieved by relaxing painful joints, muscles, and tendons. Therapeutic massages can also close the pain gate through stimulating competing nerve fibers. This blocks pain messages to and from the brain. Another benefit includes relief from stress and anxiety. As massages are a relaxing experience, these sessions put the patient into a relaxed and calm state.

This type of treatment includes different levels of pressure, from deep tissue massage to lighter versions. Every patient will have different tolerance for pressure and pain.

Therapeutic massage remains an area of active research. With the benefits it provides, caution must always be considered when we make decisions for our health.

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