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Stroke Therapy: How to Improve Your Hand Functions

Stroke Therapy: How to Improve Your Hand Functions

Depending on the severity of a stroke experience, the hand, either the left or the right, could be affected due to the disruption between the brain and the hand muscles. There are many ways on how to get treatment to enhance the ability of your hands to function.

  • Rehabilitative care plan
    It is vital for you to have a therapeutic care plan to guide you in your recovery. You can connect with providers of occupational and physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida. They aim to help you in improving the function of your shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and fingers.
  • Therapeutic home exercises
    If possible, you can also arrange a rehabilitative program in a clinic so you can have access to clinical equipment. Either at home or in a clinic, you can use elastics, putty, balls, or mini pulleys to enhance your grip and hand mobility.
  • Therapist and doctor coordination
    If you have a particular heart doctor, the surgeon can work together with an occupational therapist to ensure the quality of your recovery. With the expertise of a reputable therapist in Florida, you have the confidence that you get the right education and support whenever you need a specialized occupational therapy.

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