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Remote Therapeutic Care: A Pandemic Solution

Remote Therapeutic Care: A Pandemic Solution

Many individuals in need of rehabilitative care are adamant about going out from home or receiving visitors at home due to the pandemic. Remote care, popularly known as telehealth, is the best possible way to provide physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Saving time and budget
    Aside from saving your time traveling from home to the clinic, telehealth will also save your dollar. You only need your gadget to connect with your therapist in Florida virtually. Through this, the time for the therapeutic care provider will already be limited when the service is already delivered in your place.
  • Getting virtual assessment
    Depending on your situation, your online communication could be your initial assessment. Thus, it is significant for you to open up your health condition, such as the severity of pain, the presence of swelling, or the type of injury. The rehabilitative program will be designed based on the evaluation.
  • Receiving professional consultation
    For continuous care, telehealth will be your way to get professional advice about the progress of your treatment. You can inquire about your routine, exercise program, or even your recommended regular diet. Hence, you do not have to drop by the clinic for your appointment.

For more information about how remote care works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our representatives here at The Flagler Institute are ready to serve you. Talk to us today!

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