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YES! I want Telehealth!


You can make an appointment for a telehealth evaluation now, or if you haveany questions, please call us at (561) 833-1747 or email us atinfo@theflaglerinstitute.com.

  • The ​Flagler Institute for Rehabilitation​ is dedicated to the safety, healthand wellness of you and yours.
  • We take the responsibility of your care seriously.
  • Regardless of your location, you are still under our care, and we are herefor you.
  • Telehealth is now available to diminish the chance of contracting orspreading COVID-19 virus by receiving services remotely rather thanhaving direct contact with the public.

What is Telehealth?

  • Telehealth is an interactive form of treatment that takes place at thelocation of your choice while the therapist is located at ​The FlaglerInstitute​.
  • Through desktop computer, laptop or tablet, live video streaming willallow you to interact with your therapist
  • You can expect to experience treatment sessions similar to those youhave experienced in our office.
  • We will assist you with the technology required for great sessions andsuperb outcomes!

How will Telehealth help me?

  • With Telehealth visits, you will have regular contact with our therapistswho will oversee your general condition and take note of any red flagsconcerning your everyday health and wellness.
  • We will alert you or your doctor to any sudden or concerning changesthat may warrant further attention.
  • Telehealth will aid in increasing strength, stamina, and balance that waslost with inactivity of sheltering in place.

What to Expect During the Telehealth Evaluation

  • Your evaluation can be performed remotely via live video streaming.
  • OR
  • One of our licensed therapists can visit your home for safetyassessment and to assist with telehealth set-up concerns.

What to Expect During a Telehealth Visit?

It will only take a few moments to connect. The session will run forapproximately 45 minutes.We are using​ ​doxy.me​ as our communication platform. Doxy.me is fullyHIPAA compliant which means your privacy is protected.

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