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Let It Go: Treating Your Frozen Shoulder

Let It Go: Treating Your Frozen Shoulder

Your shoulder is made up of three bones, namely your humerus, scapula, and your collarbone. These bones form a ball-and-socket joint. The tissue surrounding your shoulder joint is called the shoulder capsule.

If the capsule becomes thick and tight, you will find difficulty moving your arm. This occurrence is called frozen shoulder. The common symptoms of this condition are pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving.

Is there a treatment for frozen shoulder? Yes, there is. Depending on your condition, your doctor may simply ask you to take OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation in your shoulder.

If your symptoms are intense or are getting worse over time, your doctor might recommend other treatments such as corticosteroid injection, joint distention, surgery, or physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida.

If you opt for the latter, you’re in luck. We have exactly what you need. A licensed and trusted therapist in Florida can create a personalized treatment plan that involves strengthening and stretching exercises to improve your range of motion.

Looking for physical therapy services for your muscles and joints? Give The Flagler Institute a call so we can help. Dial 561-833-1747 to set an appointment. 

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