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How Muscle Balance Therapy Treat Sciatica


The sciatica pain or numbness felt in your lower back down to your leg is caused by various factors, such as traumatic injury, bad posture, osteoarthritis, and muscle imbalance. Treating this pain can be done through self-care treatment, medication, and physical therapy, especially muscle balance therapy.

  • Assess Muscular Strength
    The weakening of muscles due to an injury or even some daily activities could add pain to your lumbar spine or sciatica nerve. Your healthcare provider will test your muscle strength and endurance to identify strength deficiencies and muscle imbalances.
  • Strengthen Weaker Muscles
    Sciatica pain can only be felt by one side of your body. Once the weaker part of your lower back is revealed, your professional therapist in Florida will recommend exercise programs to reduce the pain and strengthen your muscles.
  • Correct Improper Practices
    Non-serious sciatica nerve pain could be caused by improper postures while sitting, standing, or laying down. As a part of physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida, muscle balance therapy does not only offer exercises. It also helps you in correcting bad posture or habits and regain a better lifestyle.

You can learn more about this pain and how to treat it by getting in touch with us here at The Flagler Institute. We have dedicated staff members who can answer your call at 561-833-1747. Reach out to us today!

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