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How Good Exercise Is for Cancer Survivors?


It seems that exercise is good for a myriad of medical conditions. The question is how effective exercise activities are in the prevention and control of cancer. Before everything else, we want to emphasize that exercising itself is not a cancer treatment. There is no cure for cancer yet. Exercise programs are just a part of the rehabilitation process, especially for survivors.

  • Lessen the Impact of Treatment
    Chemotherapy and other procedures could give a dramatic effect on someone’s body. Evidence-based exercises are proven to control the impact of fatigue, neuropathy, and lymphedema. They can improve your balance and restore your strength after undergoing different treatments.
  • Enhance the Value of Recovery
    Dependable physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida cater to having a well-designed process of regaining your optimal health and wellness. The activities will supplement your emotional, social, psychological, physical, and behavioral recovery.
  • Improve the Quality of Life
    Fear, depression, and anxiety are common, not only among cancer patients but among family members as well. Exercise activities, especially if coupled with meditation, offer a better lifestyle. With the guidance of a professional therapist in Florida, you’ll achieve a more positive approach both in your health and life.

We, at The Flagler Institute, are here to help you out. Our hands-on professionals are committed to giving you the best possible support you can have towards achieving recovery after dealing with cancer. Contact us anytime at your convenience.

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