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Different Pain Types and Classifications

Different Pain Types and Classifications

Nobody wants to be in discomfort. When we talk about pain, we remember instances that put us in distress. No one wants to be in this state. We do not want our loved ones to feel this way. However, it can still happen in some cases, such as ankle pain.

The Flagler Institute offers a variety of physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida to help manage patient conditions. We commit ourselves to deliver services that make our patients’ lives better.

As your trusted therapist in Florida, we understand the importance of managing and preventing pain. This starts first by recognizing the common pain conditions and the source of pain.

Pain can be classified based on their occurrence. Acute pain happens suddenly in a limited duration. Chronic pain lasts longer and may persist despite treatment.

Other classifications consider the source of pain. Tissue damage is more often a source. Some examples include injury or arthritis. Nerve damage can also cause pain. As the nerves transmit signals to the brain, a damaged nerve can interfere with the signal and cause abnormal pain signals. For example, a patient may feel a burning sensation without the actual burning.

Pain happens to anyone at any point. What is more important is to have people around you who can help you go through it. You are not alone.

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